Month: October 2017

District of Columbia Telemedicine Rules Receive First Update

District of Columbia Telemedicine Rules Receive First Update The telemedicine rules governing the District of Columbia recently received a second round of revisions, courtesy of the District of Columbia Department of Health. Issued in July 2017, the new proposed telemedicine rules address many comments submitted by advocates in the telehealth industry in response to the initial proposed rules released in early 2016. The importance of the new proposed rules is underscored by the fact that the District of Columbia Medical Board currently has no enacted laws directly addressing telemedicine, outside of a 2014 policy statement. The changes made between...

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IRS Releases Nonprofit Audit Guide

IRS Releases Nonprofit Audit Guide Being “audited” does not carry a positive connotation, especially if that audit is coming from the feared entity known as the Internal Revenue Service. However, even though no one (outside the IRS) necessarily thinks of an audit as a joyous occasion, audits do not have to be a feared, loathsome process. Those individuals and entities that fear an audit the most are likely to be those who know they are not compliant with reporting requirements, a self-induced problem. Knowing and managing the compliance requirements for a 501(c)(3) entity is a large part of the...

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CMS Withdraws Proposed Compliance Reporting Rule

CMS Withdraws Proposed Compliance Reporting Rule On October 3, 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published a withdrawal notice for a proposed rule currently in the Federal Register. The proposed rule, found at 79 FR 298 and titled “Administrative Simplification: Certification of Compliance for Health Plans,” has been on the Federal Register since January 2014. Had the proposed rule been put into full effect, it would have required controlling health plans (CHPs) to submit certain information and documentation to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA and its accompanying standards and operating rules for three specific types of...

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Congress Marks Up Healthcare Funding Extension Bills

Congress Marks Up Healthcare Funding Extension Bills On October 4th, 2017, the Senate Finance Committee and the House Energy & Commerce Committee went through a “mark up” of legislation that could potentially extend funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for an additional five years. Though Congress let the current CHIPs funding lapse by not voting to extend funding before September 30, 2017, the new bill, if passed, would extend funding for the CHIPs program through 2022. The bills under consideration in both the House and Senate to extend funding for CHIP are not identical, but they feature...

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Nurse Lawfully Terminated for HIPAA Violation

Nurse Lawfully Terminated For HIPAA Violation The Kentucky Court of Appeals recently ruled in favor of a hospital that terminated the employment of a nurse due to HIPAA violations. The nurse had been treating a patient for Hepatitis C and made statements regarding the patient and the disease in a manner that allowed other patients and hospital personnel to overhear. Such statements included telling several colleagues, as the patient sat close by behind a privacy curtain, that they should make sure to wear gloves because of the patient’s disease. The patient subsequently filed a complaint against the nurse, and...

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