Month: November 2017

New Report Identifies Cybersecurity Challenges In Health Care

New Report Identifies Cybersecurity Challenges In Health Care The Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force (Task Force) recently issued a report on guidance and preparedness for those in the health care industry in response to increasing and expanding cybersecurity threats. The Task Force, formed under Section 1533 of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA), was charged upon its formation with examining the cybersecurity risks faced specifically by the health care industry, identifying who will coordinate and lead Task Force efforts, how divisions will divide responsibilities, and how best to communicate with one another. Congress enacted CISA in...

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Florida Emergency Power Plan Soon Taking Effect

Florida Emergency Power Plan Soon Taking Effect The 2017 calendar year has seen Mother Nature be incredibly unforgiving to the United States. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have battered the southeast from Texas to North Carolina, and wildfires have ravaged California and other western states. In the media’s coverage of Hurricane Irma, homes were shown badly damaged, boats were shown washed up on land, and people were seen paddling through floodwaters. However, Hurricane Irma caused massive damage in other fashions as well. In Hollywood, Florida, eight nursing home residents tragically lost their lives after a prolonged power failure left the...

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Yates Memorandum Targeted For Change

Yates Memorandum Targeted For Change As part of the keynote speech given at New York University’s Program on Corporate Compliance & Enforcement on October 6, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein strongly hinted that changes may soon be made by the Department of Justice to the Yates Memorandum. (You can read our post about the Yates Memo here). Though the speech was lacking in specifics and vague on detail, Rosenstein alluded to themes in the Yates Memo that would both back off current stances and double down on others. Themes Rosenstein loosely touched on included the DOJ’s continued...

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