Article of the Week: IT Worries Keeping Healthcare Lawyers Up At Night

When one thinks of a healthcare attorney, often the first thing to come to mind is medical malpractice, followed by other concerns such as hospital employees or healthcare regulation. However, as this article from BlackBerry makes clear, it is now the issue of data security that has healthcare attorneys most concerned.

Stressing the need for outside counsel to help navigate the vagueness of HIPAA and the intricacies of compliance, the article also names some of the most troubling data security issues, such as the use of personal devices at work and the Internet of Things. As quoted by Nader Henein regarding the development of medical devices, “the focus is still almost entirely on the function of the device rather than its capacity to be secured.” The article further argues that “compliance by fines” is unfair and ineffective, and that rather than writing off compliance violations as a business expense, better combined efforts working towards compliance can help to eliminate such costs.

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