Our Litigation Attorneys Provide a Creative Approach to Healthcare, Fiduciary, Intellectual Property, and Corporate Litigation.

We handle all types of civil litigation. We solve problems and resolve conflicts. When solving your problem requires actually trying your case, we are ready and able to do that, too. In addition to our general litigation practice, we handle several specific types of litigation for our clients on a regular basis.

Employment Litigation

Jolley Law Group handles employment litigation, including single plaintiff, class, collective, and representative actions. We also advise clients on a variety of labor and employment matters such as employment agreements, wage and hour compliance, and preventing harassment and discrimination.

Healthcare Litigation

We represent healthcare providers in both civil litigation and administrative hearings. Whether your conflict involves a physician practice breakup, a breach of contract matter, physician staff or credentialing issues, Certificate of Need, reimbursement disputes or audits, or health regulatory defense, we have the experience and sophisticated knowledge of the healthcare industry you need.

Corporate and Business Litigation

Corporate and business litigation often involves a breach of contract or actions for regulatory compliance. Whether the opposing party is another business, a vendor, owner, shareholder, customer or regulatory agency, Jolley Law Group has experienced corporate litigation attorneys who can assert your position in any legal venue. Some corporate cases require arbitration or mediation and we can be your counsel in those alternative proceedings, as well as any litigation in court

Fiduciary Litigation

Fiduciaries hold a unique position in the kind of duty of care that is owed to another person, commonly in the area of estates and trusts. Anytime that duty is breached, litigation may ensue for any damages suffered. Examples of fiduciaries are personal representatives or executors of a will, guardians, conservators, fund administrators, or those with power of attorney. We are well versed in the various aspects and forms of such litigation allowing us to provide effective counsel for our clients, whether they are in a fiduciary position with regard to an individual or a representative of an aggrieved estate.

Please contact our litigation attorneys if you are a party to litigation or other dispute so that we can begin to create a plan for the resolution of any claims or regulatory violations.