Nonprofit NPower Offers Free Training Classes to Veterans

In what has been an unfortunate paradox for decades, many members of the United States armed forces often struggle to settle into a new career once they leave the services.  This can be attributed to a number of factors: struggling to re-acclimate to civilian life after deployments, having no college degree or having unfinished degrees due to enlistment following high school, finding a career path that aligns with an individual’s strengths in a non-military setting, and many others.  This struggle to settle into new careers is partially to blame for the high numbers of veterans among the country’s homeless population.

Recognizing both the prevalence of this issue and that there was an opportunity to help, the nonprofit NPower has developed a unique program aimed at helping more veterans gain employment and get started in new careers in the tech industry.  NPower’s program director for the Dallas – Forth Worth area, Brittany Worden, says that local employers in the tech industry have faced a shortage of local talent, forcing them to bring in employees from other cities, states and even other countries.  One of the basic ideas behind NPower was to help these companies realize that there is plenty of untapped local talent around them.  Veterans of the U.S. armed forces, many of whom are highly skilled and all of whom have experience working as part of a team to succeed, can be a great fit for the types of positions tech companies are seeking to fill.

NPower offers classes ranging from 12 to 26 weeks in duration, with some offering paid internships for hands-on experience in the field.  Passing the exams given at the end of the Tech Fundamentals class offered by NPower gives the examinees an APlus certification, which certifies them to build computers and fix them remotely or in person, as well as set up networks and perform software updates – which can translate to a job in the tech industry paying between $40,000 and $80,000 a year.  The program ultimately offers its veteran students the opportunity for financial stability in an ever-growing industry.

NPower is a textbook example of a non-profit with a great cause working to serve its community.  If you have an idea or a passion you wish to pursue as a non-profit, consulting an attorney who is experienced in non-profit formations and governance is a great place to start.