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Estate Plans Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs and Wishes

 The Hilton Head estate planning lawyers at the Jolley Law Group can help you and your family with all your estate planning needs. Whether you need assistance with writing your will, need an estate planning lawyer to review a will you have already written or want to know whether a trust can help you and your family avoid the probate process or better protect your assets, the Jolley Law Group is a Hilton Head, South Carolina estate planning law firm that may be able to help you. Every family’s estate planning needs will be unique. Some families may only need a will, while others may need more complex estate planning services to protect assets. Whatever your needs, the Jolley Law Group are estate planning lawyers in Hilton Head that may be able to assist you.

It is never too soon to begin planning for your family’s future and to begin planning your legacy. If you have a will in place or a trust in place, it is always a good idea to periodically review these documents and legal arrangements to ensure that they are up to date and still meet your needs. The Jolley Law Group will take the time to review your family’s unique situation, and work with you to find the best estate planning solution for your needs. Contact our estate planning lawyers in Hilton Head, South Carolina today.

How an Estate Lawyer Can Help You with Your Will or Trust in Hilton Head, South Carolina

The estate planning lawyers at the Jolley Law Group can do so much more than help you write and validate your will. Our estate lawyers can review your situation to determine whether a trust might be a better estate planning instrument for your needs. Our firm can review your estate and help you make plans to help you reduce your estate tax burden, which can include the establishment of different types of trusts.

An estate lawyer can also assist you with creating a living will and power of attorney so that your wishes will be honored should you become too ill to make medical decisions on your own behalf. The Hilton Head estate lawyers at the Jolley Law Group can help you put your legal affairs in order so that your financial matters will be cared for by a responsible person of your choosing. We can also help you draft proper legal documents to ensure that your wishes regarding end-of-life care or critical care should you become ill are followed.

Have questions about estate planning? The estate lawyers at the Jolley Law Group in Hilton Head SC can help you. You don’t have to plan alone.

Estate Litigation Lawyer in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Estate litigation can take many forms. If your loved one passed away and the will needs to be validated in court, the Hilton Head estate litigation lawyers at the Jolley Law Firm can help you navigate the probate process successfully. Sometimes estate litigation can become complex. For instance, if a will is contested or if there are ambiguities in a will or if the will wasn’t properly signed or witnessed, the probate process can also become complex. The estate litigation attorneys at the Jolley Law Group in Hilton Head, South Carolina can help you navigate the probate process.

Sometimes other estate litigation issues arise. When a trust has been mismanaged or improperly handled, families might pursue fiduciary duty litigation or trustee liability litigation. The individual or individuals you put in charge of managing your trust have a responsibility to act in your best interests. If they do not, you may have the right to pursue litigation.

What happens if you believe you have been wrongfully denied assets or want to dispute a will or trust? The estate litigation lawyers in Hilton Head SC at the Jolley Law Firm may be able to help you. We can review the will or trust in question and assist you with the next steps.

Power of Attorney Lawyer in Hilton Head, South Carolina

A power of attorney is an end-of-life planning legal document that offers clear instructions to your loved ones and family about your wishes regarding medical care and your wishes for your estate should you become too ill to make these decisions on your own. It is never too soon to have a power of attorney put in place. Illness and disability can strike suddenly. If you or a loved one is chronically ill, a power of attorney can help you and your family make appropriate end of life plans.

The Hilton Head power of attorney lawyer at the Jolley Law Firm in Hilton Head, South Carolina can assist you with your end-of-life planning. We are here to help you with all steps of this planning, from drafting a power of attorney to assisting you with a will or a trust. Reach out to the Jolley Law Firm today to learn more.

We have seen firsthand poor estate planning can affect families and cause lasting damage to relationships.  Our goal is to craft estate planning documents that provide clear directives and minimize the potential for conflict. We also provide clients with tax advice and planning relating to estates and trusts, including income tax and estate and gift tax issues and have deep experience assisting high net worth individuals in appropriate wealth transfer planning and care.

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“I've used both John Jolley and Hillary Meyer in this firm and had a great experience with both. Very professional and prompt with their help. Would highly recommend them to anyone and will certainly use them again as needed.”
Jeremy B.
“John Jolley and a Super Support Team did an excellent job of updating our estate planning documents. He authored the conventional estate plans we had in place; we're glad we tapped his expertise again when we wanted to inject an atypical twist to our legacy giving. John added thoughtful context and suggestions, and was knowledgeable (and patient!) in responding to our many questions. Really nice job bringing a wealth of experience to bear, and yet managing to make us feel as if we were his only client!”

Wills and Trusts

Estate planning documents designating what is to be done with your assets and who will act for and manage your affairs.

Business Succession Planning

A viable business succession plan helps ensure the continued longevity of your business or provides an exit strategy for the owner.

Asset Protection

Peace of mind in the face of liability exposure to money and property.

Special Needs

Ensuring those you trust most care for your children and adult family members with special needs.

Powers of Attorney

Whether designated for healthcare or financial purposes, powers of attorney permit one to designate and authorize someone to make vital decisions when the maker is unable to make those decisions.

Estate and Gift Tax Considerations

Annual and lifetime gifting thresholds as well as transfers that are not classified as gifts provide for effective planning strategies that can minimize an estate’s value and any resulting taxes.

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