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Life changes as we age. As individuals age and enter their retirement years, certain kinds of special legal services become necessary. In general, Elder Law is the legal practice of counseling and representing older adults, and/or their representatives, about issues such as estate planning, incapacity concerns, health and care needs, the implementation of their decisions regarding care and their estate, etc. These unique issues require a unique legal perspective.

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Elder law firms are not just for the elderly. The practical planning advice is applicable to all adults. utilizing an elder law firm in Hilton Head, South Carolina that practices in the elder care sphere provides clients with a more complete perspective regarding their estate for today and in the future.

Here is a brief overview of the kinds of matters that a Hilton Head elder law attorney at Jolley Law Group regularly handles.

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Financial Powers of Attorney

Estate planning is more than creating documents to distriubte your estate upon your passing. There is a lifetime planning component to it as well. Lifetime estate planning documents, such as powers of attorney, are designed to provide instructions for your care during a period of incapacity.

A financial power of attorney is especially important for protecting wealth and assets, as well as ensuring your affairs can be handled on behalf. This document grants the named agent the same authority over your assets as you yourself have, and is designed to prevent the need for any Court involvment.

As we age, it is natural to need assistance. An elder law attorney in Hilton Head SC can ensure that older individuals, have their financial concerns addressed and create an estate plan that effectively matches their financial goals. Jolley Law Group has extensive experience with creating lifetime documents to address the your goals should you become incapacitated.

Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Similar to a financial power of attorney, another lifetime planning documents is a Healthcare Power of Attorney. This documents provides specific instructions regarding your healthcare decisions and assists your family in the event of a sudden health emergency or the person’s incapacity. A Healthcare Power of Attorney is a comprehensive document which details your general medical decisions, as well as any end of life decisions. 

An elder law firm in Hilton Head SC such as Jolley Law Group will help guide clients through creating the proper healthcare documents and navigating those health related decisions.

Protective Planning

As the average American’s lifespan is increasing, so to are the issues elderly indiviudals face. This is why most elder law attorneys focus on drafting estate plans that create a sense of protection for the elderly individual, ensuring that all the necessary components are in place to tackle whatever the future might hold. But, not everyone implements an estate plan.

When an elderly individual lacks an estate plan or their estate plan falls short of addressing their issues, and elder law attorney can be used to pick up the pieces and find a solution. Whether that means navigating a guardianship/conservatorship hearing, representing a fiduciary, conseling caregivers, or simply counseling those agents providing care, an elder law attorney is uniquely qualified assist.

Speaking to a Hilton Head Head Elder Law Attorney

Whether you are an elderly individual looking to create your estate plan, or a individual caring for an aging individual, a Hilton Head elder law attorney can provide you with peace of mind that you have the necessary tools in place to deal with the variety of challenges that could arise.

For more information regarding the various aspects of elder law, the Jolley Law Group and their knowledgeable elder law attorneys can help! Contact them at 843-681-6500.