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The Jolley Law Group is a will and trust law firm in Hilton Head, South Carolina that works with individuals who need help writing their last will and testament and with those who are interested in establishing a trust. Wills and trusts are legal vehicles that give individuals the ability to clearly list assets and property, and make clear which family members and beneficiaries will inherit what. Furthermore, a will and trust can also help you plan your legacy for the long-term. You can make clear who will care for your children should you pass away, and who will care for your pets and animals when you pass. If you want to manage how your estate is handled after you pass away, a trust can often give you greater control over who gets what, when. A trust can also give you greater control over the intervals in which your assets are disbursed. It is never too soon to write your will and to put your affairs in order. A will allows you to make your wishes clear, protect your family, and protect your legacy A trust can often help you manage your legacy more precisely, help your family avoid probate, and also afford you certain tax benefits. Trusts aren’t for every situation, and a will is often written to meet each family’s individual needs. The Hilton Head will and trust lawyers at Jolley Law Group can assist your family with the writing of your will or trust.

What Should I Include in My Will?

It might be tempting to use a template will from the Internet for estate planning, but families should use caution when moving forward without the assistance of a lawyer, particularly if there are substantial assets to be passed along, or if disputes may be likely. The Jolley Group is a will law firm in Hilton Head that can help you identify your assets, name beneficiaries, and properly sign and notarize your will to ward off disputes during the probate process. The clearer your will, the easier the probate process will be on your loved ones when you pass away. The will attorneys at the Jolley Law Group can assist you with writing a sound will.

What are some things to include in your will?

  • Name an executor.
  • List property and assets.
  • Make a list of who will inherit which asset.
  • If you have minor children, name a guardian to care for your children. You will want to speak to this individual
    before naming him or her in your will.
  • Make arrangements for pets.
  • Sign your will in front of witnesses with a notary present.

These are just some general things to keep in mind when writing your will. Some situations will be more complicated than others. For example, if you own property in multiple states, your will may need to go through probate in each state. Some assets are more complex than others. The Jolley Law Group is a will and trust law firm in Hilton Head, South Carolina that can assist you with your will.

Do I Need a Trust?

Not every family will benefit from a trust. A trust can be more costly to make and maintain than a will. But, if you have substantial assets or if you want to disburse your assets to your loved ones over time rather than all at once, a trust may be an option. A trust also allows your family to avoid the probate process. A trust may also be able to help you reduce the tax burdens your family may face with the probate process. The Jolley Law Group is a trust law firm in Hilton Head South Carolina that can review your family’s situation and help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of a trust. If a trust is the best option for you and your family, the Jolley Law Group is a trust law firm in Hilton Head, South Carolina that can help you.

Will Dispute Lawyer in Hilton Head, South Carolina

The Jolley Law Group is a will dispute lawyer in Hilton Head, South Carolina that can help you if you are an executor facing a contentious probate process, or if you are a beneficiary who has questions about the validity of a will being presented for probate. A will dispute can take place when family members and beneficiaries contest a will. Before contesting a will, it is important to understand under what circumstances a will can be disputed or contested. Generally, these circumstances are limited. If you believe the will wasn’t properly signed and witnessed, you may be able to dispute the will. A will generally must be signed before witnesses, and these witnesses could be asked to testify that they were present at the signing. Another situation where individuals may contest a will is when they believe their loved one lacked the mental ability or awareness to sign the will. Sometimes this occurs when heirs believe a family member manipulated the signer of the will as his or her mental condition deteriorated. Influence of a person who lacks the mental capacity to understand what he or she is signing could be a reason why a will gets disputed. Finally, a will can be fraudulently signed, or a person could have been tricked into signing a document without reading. If you believe this occurred, it can be difficult to prove, but witnesses can be called up to testify that the person read the document being signed (or didn’t read the document, if this is the case).

Disputing a will can be challenging, but if you think your loved one’s rights were violated, you have the right to protect his or her legacy. The Jolley Law Group is a Hilton Head, South Carolina will dispute lawyer that may be able to help you. Reach out to our law firm today.

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