smart contracts

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

What is The Blockchain Blockchain is a record keeping technology that is a digital system for recording transactions and related data in multiple places at once. Instead of using traditional methods of storing data, such as in rows or columns, the data is stored in blocks and is decentralized. This means that every participant on […]

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Employee Handbooks: Is your Arbitration Clause Valid?

Recently, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Coady v. Nationwide Motor Sales Corp issued an opinion regarding the enforceability of Nationwide Motor Sales Corporation’s arbitration agreement contained in the company’s employee handbook. Applying Maryland contract law, the Fourth Circuit held that Nationwide’s arbitration agreement failed because the signature page found within the same document

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Mediating an argument

Mediating in Probate Court

Mediation is now required in the majority of courts in South Carolina, which have adopted South Carolina’s Rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”). Probate Courts do not fall within the ADR rules, but the Probate Court has adopted its own rules on mediation that are implemented in most courts throughout the State. When litigating a

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hospital audit

HHS OIG’s Spring 2022 Focus on Hospitals and Nursing Facilities

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) office is quickly ramping up its 2022 audit program as identified in its Active Work Plan. There is no shortage of expenditures, regulatory requirements and collected data to audit, and nursing facilities and hospitals have a few big-ticket reviews directed their way.

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