Business Associates

Providing services to healthcare providers brings along strict regulatory requirements and increased liability.

Business and healthcare is what we know best. You can trust us to keep up with what you need to know.

We Serve Business Associates

Running a successful business in the healthcare industry means you have to be a well-oiled machine. You are constantly dealing with regulations in an industry that is frequently changing. Can you really keep up with all those strict regulatory requirements? That’s where we come in. We know what’s going on out there and the support you need. We know health care.


For any business that receives protected health information from its provider customers.


From employment contracts to service and vendor agreements, we have you covered.


We can help with employment contracts, manuals, training, and solutions for any employment issues that occur.

Corporate Documents

We can provide formation advice and corporate documents as your business grows.

Mergers and Aquisitions

We will help you transition smoothly while taking care of any negotiating, due diligence, and strategic planning.


Sometimes you just have to go to court. We love it.

Does Your Institution Need Our Help?

Our experienced attorneys can provide you with the legal help you need.